Controlled heating performance produce a saving in costs for the tenant or user of the room. This results in a technical upgrade of the living areas/commercial spaces.

An essential reason for using the ECO-VIEW is seen in a daily situation. After installing the thermostat valves and the atmospherically controlled furnace systems, the calls of the tenants to the technical departments and the allocated installation companies became more and more frequent with the complaint: "The radiators are only warm at the top or are only lukewarm. This, although we have already set the thermostats to 4. The heating is faulty or the thermostat / radiator is faulty. Someone needs to come out!" Explanations come to nothing. Especially in the transition time, these calls still create daily and unnecessary costs for the housing association.

When using the ECO-VIEW, a comparison can be done by telephone to see if the actual room temperature (read on the ECO-VIEW’s digital thermometer) matches the subjective perception of the room user or runs counter to it. After the room temperature is reached, the temperature performance of the radiator or the heating system is unimportant.


The ECO-VIEW is a tool for room temperature diagnosis similar to building management. The arguments mentioned previously are also relevant here as cost savings in the use of customer service in warranty cases.

Additionally, it is now also finally possible to control new furnace systems objectively and room-by-room with adjusted and weather-controlled regulations. With valves which are completely opened and an optimally adjusted heating curve/parallel shift, the perceived room temperatures would have to correspond to the specification.

The main argument for the installation company as a vendor is the effect: If 4 thermostat heads are available at the same price and one is upgraded with a digital function, this signifies an obvious optical and technical added value when using the ECO-VIEW. The reputation of the installation company and the technical impression of the installed system grow.

The use of the ECO-VIEW can be better presented than conventionally simple thermostat heads both in new installation and also with retrofitting or replacing faulty thermostat heads without digital display function. The simple battery replacement can be included in the maintenance contract and depending on use, can be done every 4 to 5 years.

It is interesting to discover that the digital function has no effect on the control function of the thermostats. This means that even if the battery is dead, the control thermostats function without a problem.


The focus of the planning of technical systems is STATE-OR-THE-ART DESIGN or trend-setting technologies.
The need for individual room temperature monitoring is repeatedly addressed at symposia of planners, architects, engineers, etc. HG-TEC has explicitly targets these requirements making the implementation possible.

The ECO-VIEW offers a technically practical innovation and upgrade both in planned new construction, old building renovations or simple restorations to those responsible.


The ECO-VIEW thermostat head makes an additional market possible. Simpler storage through reduced program variety. (Initially, only the fixed sensors for the standard thread 30 x 1.5mm will primarily be produced / subsequently the loose sensors 30 x 1.5mm).

Trouble-free product and purchase, because HG-TEC GmbH is listed as supplier with wholesalers in any case.

The innovation ECO-VIEW has been designed as a fast-selling item. The advance marketing will be done by HG-TEC. Digital displays for exhibitions or pick-up desks are possible to obtain for product launches.

There have been no relevant innovations at the trade fairs for years. The ECO-VIEW enables movement on the market again

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