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The background of this innovation is the control option and thus the possibility of reducing heating costs directly at the radiators and in every room. This direct control option bypasses possible maladjustments of the heating systems (heating controls) and allows the user (whether the tenant or owner) to economically avoid high and unhealthy room temperatures.

A 1°C lower room temperature results in energy saving of up to 6%.

Thermostat valves which do not have a modern control option are imprecise in their scale values and do not take the installation situation into account.
The ECO-VIEW thermostat shows the temperature exactly there where the expansion material thermostat in the thermostat head also measures the temperature.
Internal studies have shown that temperatures in room used were raised up to 5°C (short term up to 7°C). That results in a possible energy-saving potential of up to 30% / per room.

The energy-saving potential is significant and in contrast to more expensive construction measures (new windows, additional insulation or new heating systems), is very economical to install.
No interference with the heating cycle is needed! Tenants can continue to use the ECO-VIEW in other flats.

The calculation examples and descriptions listed are open and understandable and can be logically perceived by each user. With the use of ECO-VIEW, the user has the option of saving energy and creating a healthier room climate. The awareness of a self-controlled room temperature leads to sensitisation of these topics and in the case of discomfort to the obvious question: "What is the temperature right now?"

The idea behind this innovation came from practical experience and a control possibility which should have long been state-of-the-art. (A wall thermometer in each room is here more of a design and interior decoration defect).

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